What is CMakeBuilder ?

CMakeBuilder is an Eclipse plugin which enables you to create new or maintain existing CMake projects.

Why CMakeBuilder ?

CMakeBuilder is a plugin for the well known Eclipse SDK. This tool is platform independent and runs on all environments that support Java™ Virtual Machine (VM).

CMakeBuilder provides a user friendly interface to easily manage CMake-based projects.

CMakeBuilder Features are :
  • Advanced parser
  • Advanced CMake outline
  • CMakeBuilder perspective
  • Symbol table and environment inspector
  • CMake files editor with syntax highlighting
  • Error underlining
  • Code assist
  • Wizard oriented project management

CMakeBuilder Road map

             CMakeBuilder-2.0.0 : coming in 2010

What systems requirement are ?

  • Java™ Runtime Environment 1.5 or later
  • CMakeBuilder requires Eclipse 3.2 or higher to work (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios have been successfully tested).

How to install CMakeBuilder ?

Use as an update site from within eclipse.

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