CMakeBuilder 1.2 release, which is intended to be used with Eclipse 3.2+ (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios) and JDK 1.5+. Extract the jar into your eclipse/plugins directoryor use http://www.cmakebuilder.com/update as an update site from within eclipse. . If upgrading from a previous version, we recommend that you launch Eclipse with the "-clean" command line option

Requirements :

  • Windows, Linux or Solaris X86 (contact us for Sparc or other OSes support)
  • At least Eclipse 3.2+ (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios)
  • JDK 1.5+
  • At least 2 Ghz X86 CPU
  • At least 1 Gb of RAM

Questions and Support :

  • For questions, services and support, please contact us.

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